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Tilcon New York Inc was founded in 1981. Tilcon’s operations include quarries, asphalt plants, sand and gravel sites, recycling centers, water terminals and paving crews.  These facilities serve the five Boroughs of New York City, the lower Hudson Valley, Long Island and the central and northern New Jersey markets.

CRH Americas Materials

Tilcon joined CRH Americas Materials in 1996. Our company retains its local identity and autonomy while leveraging the financial strength, best practices and purchasing power of our parent company.

CRH is a leading global diversified building materials group, employing c.87,000 people at c.3,800 operating locations in 31 countries worldwide. CRH is the largest building materials company in North America and the second largest worldwide.

Quarry History

Byram, NJ –  The Mayor of Byram, Carl Johnson, began operations in 1960.  In 1962 Peter Kero purchased the quarry and operated it until 1987.  The Mahan Family purchased the property in 1997 and Tilcon purchased the operation in July 1999. Byram is a granite gneiss quarry.

Clinton Point, NY -   Operations began in 1880.  The site was originally the estate of George Clinton, first governor of New York State and one-time Vice President of the United States.  New York Trap Rock originally owned this facility and several other quarries along the Hudson River.  In 1965, Lone Star Industries purchased NYTR and operated the quarry until 1997. 

Haverstraw, NY – Also originally owned by New York Trap Rock, Lone Star Industries purchased the site in 1960 and shortly after sold it to a Pennsylvania company, Appalachian Stone Company.  In the late 1960s it was sold to Martin Marietta who maintained ownership until 1978, and later sold it to Hudson River Aggregates.  Tilcon purchased the site in 1981.

Mt. Hope, NJ – The first known history of the Mt. Hope Iron Mine dates back to the mid-1600s.  Early settlers and the Leni-Lenape Indians knew about the ore mountain and used it as a source for arrowheads and utensils.  The ore was used for cannon shot, shovels, axes and hundreds of small kettles during the Continental Army under the leadership of George Washington.  Carl Lizza operated the quarry as a rock crushing facility from 1980 until its sale to Tilcon in 2001.

Oxford, NJ – Quarrying operations began in 1923.  Thomas Edison originally owned this and several other quarries in the counties of Warren and Sussex.  The site’s reserves include both granite gneiss and limestone pits.   

Pompton Lakes, NJ – Initial operations began in 1957 by the Gallo Family.  Prior to 1957, the site was known as the Pompton Pink Granite Company and sold dimensional stone. 

Prospect Park, NJ – James Sowerbutt opened Prospect Park Quarry in 1901 and ran the facility until his death in 1916.  Ownership passed to his son-in-law, Abraham Vandermade and they operated it for the next 53 years.  In 1969, Warren Brothers Inc. acquired the quarry.  The basalt rock quarry has provided over 60 different species of minerals which are on display at the Smithsonian, The American Museum of Natural History, and the nearby Paterson Museum. 

Riverdale, NJ – Riverdale Quarry has also operated for over 100 years.  This is a granite gneiss quarry which has provided rock for the entrance steps and walkways from the National Mall to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.  The coarse-grained pink rock with light green and gray mottling, called unakite by geologists, formed between 950 million and 1 billion years ago.  

West Nyack, NY – The West Nyack Quarry began initial operations in 1911.  The quarry was initially owned by the Trap Rock Company.  This site is 150 acres and provides basalt trap rock. The Dahm Family acquired the site in the 1920s and it stayed in the family until 1954 when it was sold to New York Trap Rock. During World War II the quarry supplied stone to the U.S. Army. The stone also was used in the construction of the NY Thruway and the Palisades Parkway.