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Presidents' Message

Stone has been used as a building material throughout human civilization. In more recent times, industrialization brought with it the development of first the rail and then the road network, which facilitated the rapid movement of people and goods around our country. This, in turn, created a huge demand for crushed stone aggregates, which were used to construct roads and were used in the production of asphalt. Many of our quarries have a proud history dating to the earliest days of the quarrying industry in the Northeast, as quarries were opened to serve the developing road construction industry.

Today crushed stone aggregates remain essential in building roads, highways, bridges, shopping malls, office buildings, homes, schools and hospitals, either as aggregates or as a key ingredient in concrete.  Our stone is also used to make asphalt, one of the most recycled products in daily use, for road construction. Our road construction division paves thousands of miles of parking lots, city streets, county roads, highways, airports runways every year. We at Tilcon are proud to service all of these markets.

Dan Stover
President, North Division, CRH Americas Materials 

Seán O'Sullivan
President, Metropolitan Group, CRH Americas Materials