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Hurricane Sandy - Be Prepared

Posted Sat, Oct 27th, 2012

As  Hurricane Sandy continues to travel up the East Coast, there is a chance that the New York/New Jersey area could be affected. Please make sure that you take steps to be prepared. The storm could hit anytime between Sunday afternoon, October 28 and Tuesday October 30.

Consider taking some/all of the following steps in order to prepare your home and family for the storm:

* Outside the home:  Secure ALL LOSE items: including: Halloween decorations, lawn furniture, grills, garbage containers, toys, sporting supplies (basketball hoops), etc.

*  Windows and doors: Secure and Close.  Screen doors secure and lock.

* Gutters: Have them cleaned out if possible.

* Sump Pumps: Ready to go.

* Generators: Ready to go.

* Call or visit your electricity provider's website and familiarize yourself with the number to call to report power outages.

* Electrical Appliances: If the storm becomes severe, consider unplugging all major electrical appliances. 

* Flashlights: Available with charged batteries.

* Portable radio: Available with charged batteries.

* Cellphones: Available and charged.

* Vehicles: Full tank of Gas and parked in a safe area.

* Food: Available: plenty of water and foods that do not require cooking.

* Prescription medications: If you take prescription medications, verify you have enough for at least a week.

* Pets/Animals: Consider their safety, be prepared with shelter and food.

* Young or Elderly Family Members:  Specific age groups make require additional help and supplies.  Be prepared for such items.

* Basement Flooding: Verify all items that can be damaged are at a higher level in case flooding occurs.  Unplug any items such as washers or dryers. 

* Check on your neighbors

* Make arrangements in case power outages occur or significant flooding - have a plan and location available for you and your family and pets.

The following link from allows you to track the storm's progress. Information from the Red Cross and Orange and Rockland power company also provide useful information about being prepared.

 Stay Safe!


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