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Tilcon Paves George Washington Bridge Upper Deck

Posted Fri, Sep 14th, 2012

Tilcon began work on a major project on the George Washington Bridge in May of this year. The project involves the removal and replacement of portions of the upper level eastbound and westbound deck panels.  This $78 million job, for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, was awarded in early 2011 to American Bridge Co., the main contractor.

The George Washington Bridge, which spans the Hudson River from west side of Manhattan to New Jersey, is the world's most travelled bridge, crossed by 285,000 vehicles every day. Tilcon's role is to remove existing asphalt and bond coat, sandblast the steel deck and re-pave the panels with two separate waterproofing asphalt mixtures, a subcontract worth $4 million. Over the course of the work, Tilcon expects to lay approximately 2,000 tons of hot mix asphalt which will be produced by Newark Asphalt and our Mt Hope batch plant.

Due to the extremely high traffic volume, a specialty asphalt mix, Rosphalt50, has been used for the majority of the project.  Rosphalt50 is a waterproof, wearing course asphalt particularly suited to sites with heaving loading where high performance is required.  A key application for the product is bridge decks.

Complexities of the job include the fact that the bridge cannot ever be completely closed, requiring instead construction to be scheduled during limited nighttime and weekend hours. The nature of the site also means significant preparation and limited work space.

Tilcon's work is expected to be completed this year, with the remaining structural work of the project scheduled to be completed in 2015 by the General Contractor, American Bridge Co.

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