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Tilcon's recycle sites in New York and New Jersey accept asphalt, block and concrete for recycling. We re-use Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) in our own asphalt mixes. All of our recycle faciliities hold Class B licenses.

RecycleRecycling efforts in the aggregate industry positively impact the environment by reducing construction materials that are brought to landfills and by conserving our natural resources.

Tilcon's recycling facilities accept materials such as concrete and concrete and produce a recycled product which is used in the construction industry.  Asphalt millings from used road surfaces are also brought to our facilities for recycling. The processed asphalt material is known as Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) and will be reintroduced to new mixes making asphalt one of the most recycled everyday materials in the world.

We operate eight recycle sites in New Jersey and one in New York. The Kearny, NJ and Bronx, NY locations are stand alone recycling centers while the other NJ sites are located at quarry or asphalt sites. Our facilities all operate in compliance with Municipal, County and State mandates.

Our location in Kearny also provides on-site crushing services.  A mobile Nordberg crushing plant is transported to construction sites where it can be operational within 30 minutes.  This service provides a cost effective way for customers to process material because it saves transportation costs associated with moving the material and also saves on disposal fees.


Facility:Block/LotFacility TypeProducts AcceptedProducts SoldOpening Hours
Kearny Recycling Facility for Class B Materials Concrete RCA, RCA/DGA, fill material, RCA Clean Mon. to Fri. 7am to 3pm
Sat. 7am to 12noon
Available outside of these hours upon request
Mt. Hope Block No. 20001 Lot No. 5.1 Recycling Facility for Class B Materials Asphalt, concrete RCA, RCA/DGA, RBA, RAP Mon. to Fri. 5am to 5pm
Sat. on demand
North Bergen

Block 463, Lots 3 & 5, 464 Lots 1.01,12, 14

& 35, 465 Lots 32 & 33, Block 480 Lot 4, 9505

Fairview Ave & 95th Street, North Bergen, Hudson Co.

Recycling Facility for Class B Materials Asphalt, concrete RCA, RCA/DGA Mon. to Sat 7am to 3pm
Oxford Block No. 25
Lot No. 3
Recycling Facility for Class B Materials Asphalt, concrete RCA, RCA/DGA Mon. to Fri. 7am to 3pm
Pompton Lakes Block No. 60/1000.01,
Lot No. 69/20
Recycling Facility for Class B Materials Asphalt, concrete RCA, RCA/DGA Mon. to Sat. 6am to 3pm
Riverdale Block No. 12 Lots No. 27 and 28 Approved Facility for Class B Materials Asphalt RBA, RAP Mon. to Sat. 7am to 3pm
Bronx Recycling Facility for Class B Materials Concrete, dirt, asphalt Monday to Friday
7am to 3pm

For inquiries about MSDS Sheets ONLY, please contact: (973) 659-3790

For all other customer inquiries, please contact: 1-800-789-7625